Why does the use pricing pull down for a use not match the license?

A use is an indication of how content will be used within the project and should be as specific as possible while the license pricing specifications should be more broad and vary with metrics particular to the type of content. RightsPro will perform a closest match selection between the project use specification and the available license pricing specification.

Many buyers for larger projects will want to record as detailed information as possible on how items were used, ‘In Print up to 1/4 Page’, for example, while many sellers might not really care how their work is used and offer ‘In Print’ or ‘Flat Rate Any Use’.

RightsPro will make a best guess at whether a project’s use specification is more or less specific than the available pricing specifications under the associated license. If RightsPro couldn’t find a match or you don’t like the choice it has made you can manually select the license pricing specification to use.

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